Paul DeSouza Health Food Pioneer

Our founder, Paul DeSouza, was a pioneer health enthusiast and avant-garde exponent of natural, organic farming methods, which are still used today.

As a young man of 11, Paul emigrated from Portugal to the United States and resided both in northern and southern California. He found that he was drawn to those areas where vegetable and fruit production were foremost, and after much study and research he began to teach and preach the natural way of organic gardening.

In his years of inquiry he discovered that our fertile farmlands were being literally destroyed because of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the leaching of essential minerals from the soil and no effort being made to return nutrients to their source, Mother Earth.

He searched the globe over to find an area where the farming methods had not left a depleted, desecrated land as a result of over-production and chemical destruction, To his amazement, he found the answer in Israel.

The ancient knowledge of the Hebrews included wonderful secrets of soil renewal. Following this important discovery, he joined a group of outstanding agriculturists in England, who under the guidance of Lady of Eve Balfour as its executive secretary, were known as the Soil Association.

Paul continued to blaze the way to organic farming on a commercial scale, and began sharing the 6,000 year old secrets of the Israelites with Japanese truck farmers in the Escondido area.

Paul was a true pioneer in the organic growing movement, and continued to share his vision of "good ground to grow good food." He knew that if the Hebrew agriculturalists could renew their lands and keep the thin, poor soil of the desert productive for more than 6,000 years, it could be done with the fich,'formerly fertile, lands of California.

Thus, the science used today in the cultivation of our fine organic farms came down from the great Jewish tradition to the English researchers to one man who carried the fight right to the grass roots of our large, present-day organic and ecologically aware commercial farmers who produce the highest quailty health and nutrition products.

Paul organized the Organic Gardening and Nutrition Clubs of Los Angeles and Pasadena, which were the first of their kind in America. He established a third club in Escondido, and then went on to set up the Natural Method Growers Program to guide and certify the authenticity of true organically grown produce. He began as a "policing authority-of-one" to determine whether a farm was actually adhering to the stringent no-chernical rules, and then gave them permission to exhibit such a seal of approval on their fruits and vegetables.

In 1957, Paul moved to Orange County and established a wholesale healthfood distributorship.

After becoming a well-known and successful natural food distributor from his Glendale facility, he ventured into the manufacture of several products that he had been privileged to introduce to the health-conscious consumer.

DeSouza's liquid Chlorophyll, or "solar magic" as he called it, has become a welcome and singularly effective addition to the menu of those wishing to attain and maintain good health. Its uses are as many and as varied as the people who use it and swear by it.

Rosalie DeSouza, is proud to continue the business in the traditions established by her late husband whose only motivation was the health and well-being of his clients.