New Homeopathic Tooth Gel

Introducing a breakthrough, homeopathic dental care product - A first in the industry!

After years of intensive research and formulating, we now proudly announce a series of FIRSTS in an oral care product.

FIRST, our newly-formulated Tooth Gel contains homeopathics; including baking soda for whiter cleaner teeth, and potentized Cats Claw that is known for its positive effects on the gums.

FREE OF SODIUM LAURYL SULPHATE or any detergent that can cause oral irritation (and even enter the body). Our unique breakthrough gel actually aids in the cleaning process making detergents and harsh abrasives unnecessary.

UNIQUE SMALL GEL BEADS encapsulate DeSouza'sŪ Chlorophyll and other ingredients to create a timed release effect that helps keep the mouth and teeth feeling clean, fresh, and soothed. Your teeth will have that polished appearance and feel, just like you've had them polished at the dentist!

SECRET PROPRIETARY MANUFACTURING method maintains nutrients so your gums can be more effectively nourished and experience better tone and circulation.


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A companion product to DeSouza'sŪ new homeopathic Tooth Gel is our chlorophyll based Oral Rinse especially formulated to support your oral care regime.

Our ALCOHOL-FREE, Chlorophyll-based ORAL RINSE is an excellent mouthwash and breath freshener. DeSouza'sŪ Oral Rinse with its natural flavorings gives you confidence in social situations. Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) serves as this product's preservative and has been shown to be beneficial to your oral health.