These testimonials are intended as information only and not to be construed as prescriptions, that is up to your doctor.

"I have used Paul DeSouza's Liquid Chlorophyll in my practice, with my family, and personally, I have yet to find a product to equal liquid Chlorophyll. I have used liquid Chlorophyll for children from the age of two to geriatric people up to the age of ninety-six."
Dr. Joseph A. Carr, Chiropractor, Orange, CA

"I have found Paul DeSouza's Chlorophyll to be safe and effective. DeSouza's Chlorophyll is superior and I am pleased with the results."
Richard Leek, Ph.D., Tempe, AZ Clinical Nutrition President

"Three years ago, I had a full right side involvement stroke. The paralysis injury was to the entire nervous system. I would not have recovered without the Chlorophyll, as I consider it vital in any nerve injury healing. The doctor which is my husband, M. Lon Kasow, M.D., cannot recover from his astonishment at mv recoverv. My sincerest thanks, Mr. DeSouza, for your dedication to helping mankind."
Frances Kasow, Woodland Hills, CA

"Your products are excellent and I enjoy recommending them at every appropriate opportunity. I wish you continued success and prosperity in your business activities and the achievement of your more spiritual goals as well."
Robert L. Preston, D.N.

"Your books on salt, chlorophyll, and minerals is so full of interesting and helpful information. I am so very glad to have them. You are indeed very dedicated and am grateful to you. I am already being helped by your wonderful knowledge."
Ann Louise Davis, Author of "Thoughts to Share at 82"

"Sixteen years ago, I found I had a malignant tumor about the size of a tennis ball touching my lower left lung, spleen, and upper intestines. The doctors at the cancer clinic in Reno, Nevada, diagnosed the condition and wanted to hospitalize me immediately, but I refused and went home. The same afternoon, I walked into the local health food store and bought a bottle of DeSouza's Liquid Chlorophyll and have used it on a daily basis, twice a day, mixing a shot-glass of it into a half glass of distilled water. Today at 75, some 16 years later, that tumor is gone and I am in the peak of health and physical condition.